Christmas will soon be upon us. Some folks are all ready, having purchased presents months ago. Those boxes and bags are wrapped and stashed safe from prying eyes, ready to come out at a moment’s notice.

Not everyone is as prepared. For many of us Christmas can be a time of increased stress as we think about (and sometimes obsess over) what would be a “perfect” present for our loved ones. Young men (and older ones too) seem to have it the worst.

Every December we have an influx of people looking to purchase a piece of jewellery for a special person in their life. This can be a challenging decision, and I really feel for them. You can tell they’re nervous to make a mistake. If this is you, I want you to know I empathize with you. I want to share an important piece of information that will hopefully help you breathe a little easier.

In general, your special person will appreciate the thought and time you spent looking for the “right” present for them. With that in mind, I suggest that people just take a deep breath and surprise the one you love with something you chose especially for them. Go for it and don’t worry. Why? Because it truly is the thought that counts, and jewellery is exchangeable!

Your partner knows you want them to be happy, and as long as you know you can return the jewellery you purchased to find something more in tune with your loved one’s taste there’s really no risk when you choose something you think they’ll like. A lot of folks come in looking for a particular style of jewellery they’ve been “told” to buy. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a specific request, but if you’re looking to create a special moment then picking out something on your own can enhance that moment due to the surprise factor.

We want you to be happy with the jewellery you give as a gift. If it’s not the “right” piece, come on in with your loved one and choose something together. Everyone’s in the same boat when it comes to choosing a special present. All of us at Steadman Jewellers are here to help you find or create a jewellery you and your loved one will cherish. We’re here to help, so we hope we see you soon.