To many, the most unique and beautiful person in their lives is their mother.

Moms can be your biggest supporter while being your toughest critic.

Moms can stand by you, even when you’re wrong.

As with all relationships, getting along with mothers may not always be smooth sailing, but they can help you weather life’s storms like no other.

We were all part of our mothers, connected by our heartbeats.

Sometimes, we won’t understand the sacrifices they made for us until we are parents ourselves. Sometimes, that appreciation comes too late.

While Mother’s Day comes but once a year, we can let our moms know how much we appreciate them all year round. Jewelry is one way we can celebrate mom’s unique and beautiful individuality. We suggest the ELLE Jewelry line, as the ELLE brand has been at the forefront of women’s issues since its inception.

Pure silver is soft and unsuitable for jewelry. Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure, with the balance being mostly copper which is added for hardness. ELLE Jewelry uses 925 Sterling Silver which is then finished with a layer of Palladium and Rhodium. These metals promote shine and durability while also resisting tarnishing commonly experienced with silver.

All ELLE Jewelry pieces feature a ruby embedded in the design. This ELLE trademark symbolizes a woman’s inner strength and beauty. When you examine a piece of ELLE Jewelry you’ll find the ruby artfully incorporated.

ELLE Jewelry is designed to be practical. Quality materials and workmanship combined with contemporary design mean these pieces can be worn on a daily basis, for all occasions. With pieces that incorporate gemstones, pearls, cubic zirconium, mother of pearl, and crystals, there’s likely to be an ELLE Jewelry item that reflects your mom’s unique sense of style and character.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate mom this Mother’s Day, please drop by and check out our selection of ELLE Jewelry. Or, if you’re looking to make a larger gesture of appreciation, come in and talk to us about a custom piece of jewelry that will be sure to delight.