We are now carrying Chrysalis stackable bangles. This British jewellery brand’s creations celebrate the joy found in love and friendship. The stackable bangles allow wearers to create their own unique combinations to celebrate their special relationships.

Bangles and bracelets are both wrist decorations, but they differ in their styles and origins. Bangles originated in southeast Asia and are most prominent in Indian and Pakistani culture where they carry a great deal of cultural significance for women. Brides-to-be are often gifted with bangles. A bangle made of precious metals such as gold or silver signifies prosperity and good fortune. Bangles made of green glass signify fertility and prosperity. It is considered inauspicious for married women in Indian culture to have bare arms. A bangle is usually circular in shape and is either solid or has a solid piece of material at its core.

Bracelets originated in Egypt. As opposed to a solid bangle, a bracelet can be flexible and usually features a clasp of some sort to connect the two ends together. Because they are not solid, it is usually easier to adjust the size of a bracelet.

Chrysalis stackable bangles are designed to be size-adjustable so they can be easily fit regardless of the size of your wrist. They can be worn individually but their design also allows them to be stacked, so you can create your own unique style. Each Chrysalis bangle has its own symbolism. For example, the Endless Love bangle is based on a Celtic lovers knot. Two hearts are entwined with no beginning or end, representing everlasting love and the eternity of life. The Virtue bangle features a feather motif, symbolizing truth, freedom, virtue and hope, symbolizing your freedom to move through life with a light heart and clear mind.

Come on in and learn more about the Chrysalis bangle collection and enjoy this fashionable way to celebrate what’s important in your life.