This beautiful white and yellow gold ring was custom made for a customer who wanted something special to wear to her daughter’s wedding.

Our customer came to us with an older ring with beautiful stones, so she and Ken worked together to create something unique.

The shank (back of the ring) is made of 14K yellow gold and the top is made of white gold. The creation process involved Ken hand-carving the main design of the ring from a solid block of wax. The wax version was used for the fitting, after which the mold was created and the metal poured. Once the main body of the ring was formed, Ken added hand-wrought flourishes around the gems for a unique touch.

You’ll notice the ring is slightly square-shaped. This is both practical and stylish. The ring is more visually noticeable because of the shape, and it also doesn’t spin as much as a round ring would.

The wedding went off without a hitch. We don’t want to say that our customer’s ring took the spotlight, but she says she gets so many compliments about it. She’s thrilled with the result.

We’re happy to have brought such joy to our customer with this custom ring. If you’re looking for something truly unique, consider paying us a visit and see what we can create for you!