Massive timekeeping devices just aren’t the same when they’re missing stones. Neither is your jewellery. As jewellery ages, the posts and claws that hold in gems can become brittle and damaged. If you have a ring, necklance, pendant or broach that has gemstones in it, we advise you have it inspected yearly. This is especially important for rings as they are more likely to be damaged just through daily living.

Check out our video of Ken using his new laser welder to repair a broken ring claw. The claw is what holds your ring’s gems in place. When these are weak, damaged or broken, there’s a chance you can lose your precious jewels.

Steadmans offers free jewellery inspections. We suggest you bring your jewellery in annually to make sure your gems are being held securely. We’ll also do an ultrasonic and steam cleaning for you, so come on by the shop!