For you last minute shoppers – heads up!  Valentine’s Day February 14 falls on a Thursday this year. So if you’re thinking of going out for dinner, Friday might still be okay, but if flowers, chocolates or jewellery is your gift of choice you’ll have to shop early for the best selection.  Here are some ideas for the romantics thinking of proposing on Valentine’s Day.

Do it for them – not for Instagram

Yes, you’ll probably get a great photo (or video) out of the proposal, but don’t let the magic of the moment be overshadowed by a circus around you. Proposing is ultimately between you and your partner. Overproduction can ruin the moment.

Be clever, but not too clever

At the heart of the proposal is one question that needs one answer. It’s a serious, life-changing question. If the lead up is overly complicated (think puzzles, scavenger hunts etc.), you’re taking away focus. If you both enjoy a solid mental challenge then go for it. Just make sure whatever you plan is leading up to and not away from the proposal.

Know thyself and thy partner

Propose in a way that is true to who you are. If you’ve never planned an event in your life, perhaps now’s not the time to coordinate a flash mob. You get the picture. Similarly, if your partner’s an introvert, you might want to avoid proposing in front of a crowd, even if they’re friends and family. How you propose to your partner is up to you. Make it as simple or extravagant as you want, as long as it’s appropriate for you and your partner.

But, what if I’m not ready to propose?

Propose when it’s right for you. In the meantime, jewellery’s still a great Valentine’s Day gift option!

If the love of your life already has a ring, we suggest some more rings!!! Stackable rings look great with her existing set or piled high as a right hand look.  Available in white, yellow or rose gold, with or without bling, these rings are a fun way to change up her look.  We guarantee you’ll get brownie points for being such a romantic and being on point with style.

Just met? Earrings say I care without the seriousness commitment issues of a ring. If they’re diamonds, they say “I really care”!

Celebrate your love in the way that’s most suitable for you. If that includes jewellery, then come in and see us! We love helping couples celebrate their love.